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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Organisation, says the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate Bola Tinubu is unfit to be President of Nigeria.

Spokesman of the PDP Campaign Organisation, Mr Charles Aniagwu stated this today on “AIT Kakaaki” and stressed that Tinubu lacked the mental alertness to lead a country like Nigeria.

He stated that Tinubu was being foisted on Nigerians for selfish reasons and urged Nigerians to reject the APC candidate due to his mental capacity to articulate issues.

According to him, Tinubu’s many gaffes in recent times buttresses the argument that he lacks the mental alertness to lead a county in troubled times.

“The inability of the APC Presidential candidate to carry on his campaigns seamlessly is a pointer to the fact that he is being managed and that is not the kind of leader Nigerians deserve at this time.

“Tinubu is a great leader and we respect him for all his accomplishments and contributions to nation building in the past.

“A situation where a Presidential candidate cannot speak coherently for only two minutes calls for serious concern.

“And that’s why we can hardly hear from our brother Festus Keyamo again because the kind of things he defends is already becoming an embarrassment to the legal profession,”

Aniagwu further remarked that the abrupt departure of the APC Presidential candidate from the Minna rally was an indication that all was not well with him.

“The other day at Chatham House, he was asked his name and somebody had to slip a piece of paper to him, he couldn’t remember immediately to the extent that he had to read the paper to remember his date of birth, is that the kind of president the APC wants for this country?

“I am happy that President Muhammadu Buhari is not following them about in this campaign because he saw what the APC Governors didn’t see what he saw prior to the party primaries when they stopped Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, a man that has demonstrated great intellectualism from clinching the party’s ticket.

“And we thank God that they did not progress in that direction because may be we would have had something that looks like a contest in this election,” he said.

Aniagwu further said that having realised they had failed Nigerians, the APC always laid claims to Lagos as part of their achievements even though Lagos was built over time by the Federal Government.

“Each time you ask them to give account of their party’s stewardship they refer you to Lagos. The Lagos that was built by the Federal Government as a former Federal capital? Or is it the Lagos that you will spend five hours for a journey that shouldn’t take not more than thirty minutes?

“They talk about the Lagos economy and I ask who collects the tax and does the tax reflect in the lives of the citizens? A Lagos that Nasir El-Rufai, an APC governor had amply described as a living ‘hell’?

“These people don’t believe that Nigeria should get out of the cocoon and so I appeal to Nigerians to reject the APC and all what they represent and embrace the PDP because the Atiku-Okowa PDP ticket is totally committed to the rescue, reset and rebuild Nigeria from the ruins caused by the APC’s maladministration,” Aniagwu stated.

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