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By Ejoor Onoharigho

In order not to be victim of accident in flooded roads, the Ministry of Transport has cautioned motorists and other road users to be extra careful.

The Director of Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) Engr. Vincent Ehiwario has charged motorists and other users to be extremely careful in flooded areas not to fall victim of unpleasant consequences.

Ehiwario gave the charge when he answered questions from reporters concerning the terrible reports of deaths and losing of properties due to the ravaging floods, being experienced in 27 states of the Federation.

The Director explained, saying: “When the roads are flooded and flowing with high velocity, there is the tendency for tyres to lose their grip on tarred roads, and sometimes causing uncontrollable maneuvers and spinning of the vehicle.”

He added that motorists should be cautious of driving through flooded roads to prevent engine damage, accident and other unforeseen occurrences.

He warned motorists not to throw their caution to the winds by not observing road signs and other warning signs, thereby putting the lives of commuters and other roads users at risk.

Ehiwario added that life is sacrosanct and assured motorists and commuters to call on the Vehicle Inspection Officers when the need arises for their assistance.

According to Ehiwario, the Commissioner for Transport, Chief Mike Okah has called on all Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) to be on alert and available to help motorists during this period of flood. He charged motorists to look for alternative routes to prevent damage to engines and to avoid road mishaps.

Motorist and commuters have been enjoined to be patient with themselves in flooded areas, so as not to compound issues of managing the passable portion of such roads.

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