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By Ejoor Onoharigho

Motorists and other road users in Delta State, particularly in Asaba, have decried the worsening malfunctioning of traffic lights in the capital city, calling passionately for total overhaul of the lights across the state.

In an interview with some motorists in Asaba, on routes roads with faulty traffic lights, especially the Okpanam and Summit roads, the motorists expressed worries.

A private car owner, who gave his name as Mr Kingsley Chukwuka, stated that “sometimes ago, the excellent performance of the traffic lights really helped in checkmating many traffic mishaps.”

He added that “for sometime now, the lights have become our problem in areas where they are faulty.”

“Apparently, the state government meant well in the provision of the traffic lights,” said one Mrs Grace Okuma, adding however that their frequent malfunctioning was embarrassing to road users.

Some individuals, who chose to be ananimous, remarked that the malfunctioning traffic lights had become a source of worries to commuters in Asaba, Warri and Effurun, especially at the Jakpa Junction.

They stressed the need to address the issue holistically in order to avoid road crashes and save man hours from gridlocks.

A good number of commuters have suggested that patience and tolerance should be the watch word in areas where there are faulty traffic lights, while waiting for repairs to be effected by the appropriate authorities.

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