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Delta State Government yesterday slammed Deputy President of The Senate and Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Senator Ovie Omo Agege over a purported letter warning banks to stop advancing loans to the state government.

Commissioner for Information in the state, Mr Charles Aniagwu who spoke at a news conference in Asaba said Omo-Agege has no right nor powers to stop the government from carrying out any constitutional action.

Aniagwu said the state government operate an open government and have been transparent and accountable to the people in all its financial dealings.

He said that the APC candidate had failed to tell the people what he intends to do but rather resorted to personality attacks on the governor who was not on the ballot with him.

“First of all, Omo-Agege is not in a position to warn anybody. He is not even a Governor-elect. So on what grounds is he issuing warnings?

“Secondly, you recall that the Bridging Finance that we asked for, we followed all the processes. We do not go through the back door if we need any facility nor just go to the banks.

“So it is not the Social Media that you would hear. Any time that there is a need for us to talk about a facility, we follow the process. First, there would be an EXCO approval, upon which we will go to the House of Assembly.
“After we get an approval from the House of Assembly, we also ensure that we observe all the conditions precedent.

“The N100 billion that was approved, we have not finished accessing it, so how can he now wake up to say that we are now asking for N40 billion?

“So if the man wants to campaign, let him go and tell Deltans what he wants to do; not peddling stories that do not add up.

“You have been in this state, there has never been anytime we take any facility without making it public, because part of the processes includes briefing the media at different levels of the process.

“Imaging somebody who is supposed to be the number two law maker in the country, is warning a bank in the state. He does not even know where his powers stop,” Aniagwu stated.

Aniagwu further said when other leaders were with their constituents during the Christmas and New year celebrations, Omo-Agege absconded and travelled out of the country because he was shying away from celebrating with the people.

“He just returned from the oversea trips to fire a wrong salvo and we are urging and advising our brother who forgot that he was supposed to represent us in Abuja.

“All our federal roads in Delta are totally impassable and while others have been busy negotiating what to take home for their  people he was very busy trying to approach the mace of the Senate.

“As a party in the state, we are campaigning based on what have done and on the credibility of Sheriff Oborevwori from the streets of Delta where the yellow revolution is organic in nature.

“We need to remind Omo-Agege that Delta State is home to PDP and if he wishes to contest election in the future he should return to the party and possibly wait until after Oborevwori’s tenure,” he said.

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