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Gov Absence

Governor Sheriff Oborevwori is currently out of the country.

However, what is not clear is whether the governor is on annual leave. It is also not clear if the instrument of governance is transfered to the deputy governor, Sir Monday Onyeme.

This is a constitutional matter and must be so addressed.

The Pond News understands that the absence of the governor has stalled many things.

The nauseating aspect of the ugly scenario is deliberate sideling of the governor.

Most of the public official functions of the governor is done.by chief of staff.

This is wrong through and through.


Vacant Commissioners Positions

Delta State under Governor Sheriff Oborevwori has acquired the unique but dubious distinction as state infamous for late composition of cabinet.

For months the state operated without Attorney general and Commissioner for Justice and Information Commissioner .

Despite the wide publicity given to the misnomer, the State House of Assembly looked the other side and found nothing wrong with that.

Today for more than a month running, the state is operating four ministries without Commissioners. What it means is that some local government areas do not have Commissioners, a clear violation of the 1999 constitution.

The exit of the Commissioners is because of the marching order of the governor to Commissioners who have interest in the council polls.

When some people say that the House of Assembly is rubber stamp, event like this confirmsit. It is really politically appalling.


Where Is Agriculture Commissioner Investigation Panel Report?

Following media report of the larceny and sleaze in the Agriculture Ministry, the Commissioner for Agriculture Hon Omoun Perekebena Perez was suspended and panel of investigation set up.

The alleged sleaze is N280m and panel constituted in February, 2024

Running into months, the report of the panel is yet see the light of the day.

So what is holding the report? Is there political move to sweep the sleaze under the carpet?

Democracy frowns at the accommodation of corruption under whatever veneer.

If the man is innocent of the allegations, it should be so declared.

Undue delay in releasing the report could be lead to speculations that report could doctored in high places.

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