Agbor people disown Anioma State
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The proposed Anioma State has created bitterness between the Ika People and Senator Ned Nwoko, the sponsor of the bill.

The Ika People have accused Nwoko of overbearing and self serving for not consulting them.

In a swift reply,
Nwoko said Ika people were not worthy of consultation because they have not contributed anything to the development of Anioma State.

In denouncing Ned Nwoko and his Anioma state dream, the Ikoro Agbor in an open letter to the Senate president argued that Ned Nwoko lack the mandate to push for Anioma state because of his lack of consultation with his constituents.

Said the group :’That the mandate of Senator Ned Nwoko, representative of Delta North in the 10th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria does not include any permission to railroad or bond the Delta North or Anioma people to a political union with South Eastern Nigeria without the democratic consent of the people expressed in a plebiscite.’

But Ned Nwoko poke fun at the Ikoko Agbor group through his SA Media, Maxwell Peter Nwoko.

Thundered Peter Nwoko:’ This is very laughable. A group that has never voiced or contributed any meaningful word, action or relevant activities to its region is currently trying so hard to gain cheap popularity with their distorted stories and opportunities to ride on the popularity of the most proactive and efficient senator in 10th Assembly distinguished Senator Ned Nwoko.
Our quest for the creation of the Anioma State is beyond childish or political play. It is a serious pursuit of purpose towards developmental goals and socio cultural identity of who we are.’

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