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To stem the tide of crimes and criminalities in their area, Oba Community in Idemili South Local Government Area in Anambra State has invoked their deities.

The spiritual action was sequel to series of crimes committed within Oba and its environs, especially unbridled kidnappings and wanton killings.

The Community displayed various kinds of deities along the road and pronounced curses on criminal elements.

In an online video, the elders, mostly dressed in white robes and armed with ofor and oji, invoked curses on anyone, ranging from indigenes, visitors or settlers in Oba who commits any crime.

The traditionalists have a long list of anti social issues captured in list.

Even though the announcer spoke in Igbo, the list, translated, relates to killings, kidnappings, armed robbery, etc.

Remarkably, the spiritual injunction precludes any attempt to neutralise the pronouncements. In other words, such an attempt will attract the wrath of gods.

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