Nigeria becoming a failed state
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The security of the nation has entered its lowest ebb with bandits threatening community to pay N20m level or face the deadly attack of the bandits.

This is happening in a country with police and full compliments of the military.

This is the fate the people of Torough community in Ukum Local Government Area of Benue State are facing.

The Pond News understands that some of the farmers are selling their produce to raise the twenty million Naira.

The bandits gave the community few days to pay the money or face the attack.

The community had even shared the payment of amount with each house to contribute N50,000.

Said a distressed member of the community:’ Some have started disposing of their farm produce and livestock to raise the levy, while others have contacted their relatives outside to raise the levy so as to avert the attack of the bandits.’

The chairman of the local government , Mr Victor Iorzaa confirmed the ugly development, adding that the matter has been reported to the police and state security council.

Said Iorzaa :’The report is true, and the person behind it is Full Fire. He was the person that connived with Fulani recently to attack our people; he has been working with Fulani people and terrorising the area for the past five years.’

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